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Why You Should Hire a Travel Agent

Why pay a travel agent if you can book a plane ticket, a Caribbean cruise getaway or even a luxurious European tour on your own? Here’s the deal: because agents are the pros, and bottom line, they have more knowledge on travel, on top of the fact that they have access to a wider variety of deals than your common vacationer ever.

As more and more people travel and spending more money on trips, travel has also become more and more complex. They may not completely understand visa requirements or what the level of accommodations they have booked. Travel agents are always helpful when it comes to those pitfalls.

Without a doubt, hiring a travel agent can be a lifesaver, and here are some of the most important and specific ways how:

You save time.

With their industry knowledge, agents are able to cut through the online clutter that easily causes information overload. They do the necessary research and facilitate every area of your trip, from hotel or resort accommodations to air and ground transportation to car rentals to tour packages and more, depending on your needs. They can provide travel advice a variety of related concerns too, like passport and visa applications, inoculations, travel advisories, travel insurance, etc.

You save cash.

Yes, it costs money to hire a travel agent, but a good one will know all the ways to get lower airfares, plus their inside links can offer you extra perks and upgrades. For example, they can suggest flying to or out of a particular nearby city in order to save money, or they may work out a free room upgrade since they do a lot of business with that hotel or cruise line. They might, at the very least, give you free parking or Wi-Fi, and believe it or not, these costs can add up on an extended stay.

They provide for your specific needs.

With agents being to several of the destinations they recommend, they can give you tips that increase your confidence while touring, as well as arrange the most appropriate accommodations, especially if you are all alone or have a special need – for instance, you have a rare food allergy, a disability, etc.

They solve your issues.

Traveling is usually a great experience, but it is hardly perfect, and an agent can be there for you to deal with those imperfections. Imagine flight cancellations, train delays, or being scammed by a money changer.

The cost of hiring an agent fluctuates and is dictated by such factors as where you live, your destination, the amount of work required from the agent, etc. Actual fees can start at $25 and go up to $200 or even higher, depending on the details of your situation. Of course, you should expect to pay more for a longer overseas trip.

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